Large sub woofer



This design for a subwoofer is a little different to what you will find from other manufacturers. The drawings do not portray its size – please grab a tape measure!

The driver itself is  13″ and it is a very capable  and by giving it a  carefully matched cabinet we are in for a treat.

The driver is made by the high end Danish manufacturer Scan Speak and in the configuration here will produce a very low 21Hz at -3 DB.

Rough sizes  are Height 65cm, width 65cm and depth 60cm – with and internal volume of around 130 litres

A built in 500W Hypex plate amplifier FA501 provides the necessary juice to make this monster rock.

When designing speakers physics dictates a relationship between size, depth of bass and sensitivity – you can have any two at the cost of the third.

Smaller subs can produce quite low bass however this is at the cost of sensitivity. What this means is that in order to have the speaker sounding its best a powerful amplifier is required. Most people understandably want a subwoofer to take up as little room and the design challenge most designers have is how to go low and small yet still sounding powerful.

This design ignores going small – the question here is  how low can we go whilst remaining smooth.

Sensitivity at 90Db is fairly high so with a 500W at 4 Ohm impedence we are good to go.

The cabinet is tuned at 20 Hz – heavily re-enforced internally and just to get another idea of size – the baffle thickness is fully visible and comes in at 5cm (2″)!

I will be designing a smaller version sometime soon perhaps with an 8″ driver – If you are interested either in the large or smaller model please do get in touch – I would love to build these.