Huge Sub woofer



Ok – here it is  a 24″ (60cm) custom made  carbon fibre driver with a 1000 Watt amplifier

Needless to say this goes low, very low and will seriously move some air, and test your house’s foundations and coupling to it 🙂

I have designed the housing using my box within a box system. The inner box made out of 30mm inert birch ply is encapsulated by 3″ (75mm) solid oak

The cabinet is still to be finalised but roughly stand 95cm wide by 95cm deep and 110 cm high with an internal volume of circa 540 litres. 4 bass reflex tubes of 10cm diameter.

Tuned to 18hz. Should this be going to a very large space we can look at an amp upto 2000w.

Piqued your interest? send me an email please.