10″ Seas subwoofer with passive driver

4.200,00 inc. VAT

A proposal for a sub-woofer for those who crave extra bass with their 2 way speakers.



This classic subwoofer is based around the heavy duty Seas L26ROY coupled with a matching passive driver. A passive driver allows us to have a smaller enclosure without the need for a huge and long bass port.

The 10″ seas really is a driver to behold weighing in at 10 Kilos with 2.34Kg magnet  – coupled to a Hypex FA251 plate amplifier giving 250 watts. People with an itch for some extra bass to their music will be well served.

The cabinet will be made out of 30mm (1 1/4 2) birch ply with plenty of internal bracing. Veneers as always are up for being chosen – I tend to work in European Hardwoods as the variety is immense and we are not endangering any rare species. A bog oak baffle is of course an option.

size of the cabinet is 44.5cm (17 1/2″) high, deep and wide) plus some feet of course which will be solid wood.


Please contact me for shipping rates to your address.