Side Table active speaker



Bluetooth speakers are practical things but often lack sufficient bass to convince – lacking range and specs they can be quite tiring to listen to – we have such a horror in our kitchen …- but it is very handy.

So I set about designing a floor standing unit which can double as a side table.  About 85cm high, 74cm wide and 34cm deep. (33″ x 29″ x 13″).

Inside is a 10″ down firing subwoofer  and on the front are two 6″ coaxial speakers from Seas facing slightly away from each other to spread the sound out towards the room. The unit will have two Hypex plate amplifiers ensuring plenty of power for the subwoofer and drivers. Built in and accessible from a flap in the top will be a Bluesound Note. This is a great streaming device that you can control with your phone or tablet. It can operate on the wifi or better still be hard wired to your network. Bluetooth is of course enabled 🙂 . Should you not have your phone to hand — lift the flap and operate using buttons on the top of the bluesound.

People often tell me that they like listening to music but don’t much care for speakers – for those people I hope to design a number of “speaker furniture” pieces which don’t advertise their function and that can easily fit into a living space whilst providing top quality sound.

The wood choices and combinations are almost endless and will influence how a piece looks – this is where we can have some fun and make the piece that really matches your surroundings.

A grown up piece of furniture made to the highest standards but with the ability to surprise the music lover with the quality of the sound and the surprising amount of bass – This is one piece I think a lot of people would like to have and indeed I hope to be replacing a certain speaker in our kitchen with one of these one day.