Fantasma nero

1.450,00 inc. VAT


Full range

4″ Driver

F3 = 81Hz

Fs = 75Hz

Maximum SPL (dB): 103

Sensitivity:   88dB

Frequency range 75 – 20,000 Hz

Maximum power input 50W

Continuous power input 25W



These speakers are a limited edition set. Only 5 pairs will ever be made using this combination of sides and front.

The cabinets are made from 30mm thick Finnish birch ply. This thickness of ply plus internal bracing ensure an extremely rigid carcass allowing the driver to perform to its limits  giving you a very sweet and clear sounding experience with a cohesion unique to full range drivers.

The veneers used for these speakers are

SaRaiFo Fineline Veneers – Save the Rain Forest

SaRaiFo woods are made of sliced  veneers of very fast growing wood species (usually poplar or basswood). The veneers are liberated of wood defects and glued/compacted/pressed in many optimized production steps to form a solid block to get this designer product made of real wood.

sides – SaRaiFo fantasma nero veneers

Baffle – SaRaiFo purple heart veneer

Back of the speaker are in the house purple

Finish is a clear satin lacquer.

Satin Nickel heavy-duty binding posts can be used with banana plugs or will accept wire up to 8 gauge.

The data sheet from the driver manufacturer for those who like the complete low down  4 ” full range driver

These speakers will only be available through a kickstarter campaign which will be launching soon – drop me a line if you wish me to keep you posted. They will be available at a reduced rate for the duration of the campaign. The campaign will be run to help increase my production capacity.

“These speakers are small in size but deliver a soundstage worthy of large speakers; That is, they distribute sound evenly throughout the room, even if it is large. THE sound is refined and alive. We reach a very good level of definition for a speaker of this range. The price / quality ratio of this small speaker is undeniably very good.”  Emmanuel Levy of

The small speakers – Pico Bello – I think, are amazing.
It’s very small, very cute, with a small box and a small speaker!
Okay, don’t be fooled, it’s the same designer, and they weigh two tons. Or not far!
Real gear, always.
Listening to these, they are little wonders. Capable of satisfying all demanding amateurs.
Not a huge sound level, it’s true, but a real beautiful sound, and you can
listen to any music on it, including the great orchestral masses,
jazz, and a little electro, I’m ashamed but I like it!

Favorite for me.

Well done.

Bruno VANDER ELST – Owner/manager/designer of – a company that has been making high end amplifiers for over 30 years

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