Large full range driver bog oak and ripple Sycamore speakers with epoxy detailing and fumed oak stands

8.000,00 inc. VAT

Full Range

8″ Driver

30 – 20,000 Hz

Short term power handling 110W

Long term Power Handling 40W




This pair of speakers are quite something else. Using top quality 8″ Seas full range drivers they manage something few speakers of this type achieve which is to not only have that magical mid-range  but plenty of bass to go with it.

The construction is rock solid  – the sides and back are 30mm Finnish  birch ply. The sides have been veneered in sawn ripple sycamore. The back is in the house purple.

The baffle is a full 50mm thick – edged in solid bog oak and the front veneered in  sawn Bog oak.The edges edges are rounded over to allow better dispersion of sound.

Satin Nickel heavy-duty binding posts can be used with banana plugs or will accept wire up to 8 gauge.

The data sheet from the driver manufacturer for those who want the full low down  8″ Full range Driver Seas

 “The sound is balanced and natural, the speakers easily manage the musical message, whatever its complexity. They benefit from a very open sound image. The music is reproduced with fidelity and homogeneity. The musical timbre is returned with fidelity. The whole provides a realistic and immersive atmosphere. This speaker is to be married with high quality electronics.”           Emmanuel Levy –

So how to say? It was a bit of luck that I had the opportunity to listen to some special speakers.
We started with the Bog oak model.
It’s a bit confusing because we feel that the quality of the product is essential in their design.
The technological choices were not made in terms of cost or economic profitability of the product,
but on the contrary, the design of the enclosure exclusively followed the purest respect for quality,
perceived in its materials and perceived in listening.
If you are looking for a low cost speaker, go on your way .
If you are looking for a quality product, then manage to see a pair first, and listen to it afterwards.
We are here facing a product of a passionate craftsman.
Passionate about cabinet making, and sound quality.
This speaker amazes with an unusual sound, full of naturalness, liveliness, and the lack of coloring surprises!
Given the weight of the massive body, we understand why this speaker does not bring its own faults to music.
She just renders the message with a kind of shyness, afraid of not being faithful, afraid of distorting the beauty of the music.
We are all more or less used to speakers with a personality, strong, even too strong.
Nothing like this here! No fuss, no loud flashes. Nothing but nature. An “organic” sound, without added sugar!
You see what I mean ? Reality as it is.
The price is related to the quality of the product, the quality of the restitution.
And the price / quality ratio will be excellent if smoothness, precision and musical respect are your criteria.

Bruno VANDER ELST – Owner/manager/designer of – a company that has been making high end amplifiers for over 30 years

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