Stone levitation

A 2 way active speaker using a coaxial driver proposal

5″ Driver

Bass reflex port

F3 = circa 34 Hz

Fs = 37 Hz

Maximum SPL (dB): 101

Sensitivity:   85 dB

Frequency range of drivers 30 – 25,000 Hz

Maximum power input 220W (Driver rating)

Continuous power input 80W



The baffle or front of this 2 way speaker will be veneered in the  sawn European hard wood of choice along with solid lippings (edgings) which will allow me to round over the edges for better sound dispersion.  I highly recommend that we book-match the fronts of the speakers so that they will be a mirror image of each other. The baffle has to be veneered and not out of solid as the drivers need to be inset to not create distortion. Solid wood moves over the seasons which would mean the baffle would likely crack where the drivers are if made from solid.  Bog oak baffles  would be a stunning .  Read more about bog oak here.

The  Hypex FA122 Fusion plate amplifier will be used. This is a plate amplifier which in fact houses two amplifiers – one for the driver and one for the tweeter. – built in bi-amping 🙂
The  driver will be a Seas coaxial C16N001/F C16N001_datasheet 
I will program the crossover using DSP – a very flexible and effective way to tune the relationship between the drivers and the box.
The design will be finalised if and when fully prototyped  but the dimensions will be circa 75cm high (29.5″), 21cm wide (8 1/4″) and 32cm deep (12.6″). A circular tube bass port  will be incorporated into the back of the design also.
The baffle sides and back will all be circa 30mm (1 1/4″) thick. This will be a heavy and substantial cabinet which will deliver exactly what is needed for such high quality drivers.
For the finish I recommend a wax oil applied to perfection. Matt has my preference 🙂 


Please note Bog oak is extremely rare, hard to dry and work (fortunately its been dead for roughly 5000 years so I don’t feel bad using it 🙂 ) I have to charge a surcharge of 300 euros for Bog oak Baffles