Oval Coaxial

Design proposal for a coaxial active speaker

A 2 way active speaker using a coaxial driver proposal

5″ Driver

Bass reflex port

F3 = circa 30 Hz

Fs = 31 Hz

Maximum SPL (dB): 101

Sensitivity:   85 dB

Frequency range of drivers 30 – 25,000 Hz

Maximum power input 220W (driver rating)

Continuous power input 80W



This design uses the same coaxial driver as the Rocket design C16N001_datasheet, however,  this time the boxes have been designed to sit on their stone bases either on some side tables or on some shelves.
The carcass will be   be laminated out of ply if I can get it to comply with the curvature, if not then I will use structural veneers. In either case we end up with a very strong box with walls around 20mm thick. The outside veneer can be chosen as always. 
The baffle will be from 30mm birch ply veneered in the wood of choice  – depending on wood choice the edges may or may not be rounded over.
The amps are the  Hypex FA122 models  giving a separate amp to the tweeter and the driver.
I’m thinking a nice piece of unpolished/sand-blasted granite for the base but am open to ideas for different stone or finish. I will  stick some felt or rubber feet under the stone to avoid marking furniture.
The variety of woods available to us can change the visual language of these speakers dramatically – perhaps a spalted maple or spalted beech baffle (bookmatched of course !) would be nice. I also have a nice piece of apple wood kicking around somewhere.