Coaxial rocket

A 2 way active speaker using a coaxial driver proposal

5″ Driver

Bass reflex port venting from bottom of speaker

F3 = circa 34 Hz

Fs = 37 Hz

Maximum SPL (dB): 101

Sensitivity:   85 dB

Frequency range of drivers 30 – 25,000 Hz

Maximum power input 220W (Driver rating)

Continuous power input 80W



A coaxial driver will be used rather than two separate drivers –  the tweeter is centered in the driver. This gives very good  coherence enabling a great sound stage and is a method used by some big name manufacturers for this reason.

The driver is a Seas  C16N001/F a 16cm unit with a magnesium cone. C16N001_datasheet

Hypex FA122 Fusion plate amplifiers provides us with an amp  each for the tweeter and the driver.

The cabinet will be laminated from birch ply over a custom form with a choice of final outer veneer and will end up being circa 20mm thick. The cabinet will be subdivided between the driver space and the amplifier space. The legs fixed to the cabinet place the drivers at the right height for listening when sitting down.

The baffle will appear to be 1cm thick but will actually be 30mm thick to provide the lack of movement needed. Veneered in a European hardwood of choice I heartily recommend that we go ahead and bookmatch the pair. Edges will be solid and rounded over for better sound dispersion.

Legs will be solid wood in a hardwood of choice to be agreed.

This finish of the laminated sides would need to be varnished but the baffle can be finished in a wax oil.