On my Patreon page I show what goes in to the adventure that is designing and making hand crafted high end speakers – in particular designing and making a large 3 way speaker.

Missing from my repertoire at the moment is said speaker. I don’t mean any old 3 way speaker I mean the one that we would all dream of having. It has got to have the looks, the craftsmanship and of course the sound!  A big powerful bass driver, sweet mid range and a great tweeter all housed in a rock solid cabinet that takes the language of speaker design forward. 

Designing and making a large speaker is time and money intensive and so I have started this Patreon account in the hope of finding like minded individuals who also think that a big square  MDF box covered in plastic lacquer does not constitute great design no matter how high the advertised price.

Topics covered will be 

  • Philosophy behind the design
  • The design procedure
  • The materials used – why and how
  • How to use certain tools
  • Different finishes and methods of application
  • Integration of amplifiers and DSP
  • Measuring the results
  • Chilling out and listening to our favourite tracks 🙂

Check it out here if you want know more