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Welcome to my website.

LP Speakers is the fulfilment of my long-time ambition to create beautiful speakers.
Speakers that not only sound great but that can add beauty and character to a room and are
something to be looked at and enjoyed whilst listening to your favourite music.
I trained as a furniture designer and cabinetmaker at the John Makepeace College for Craftsmen in
Wood 30 years ago and I have been building furniture, small houses, and all sorts of other things in
wood ever since.
I have always wanted to make beautiful wooden speakers, but I was put off as I never had the time
to really study the technical requirements that would ensure great sound; what with having a full-
time career in automotive parts, four kids and a dog – then the global pandemic struck and suddenly
I had the time.
I discovered that the fundamentals behind creating the best speaker sound have never really
changed, you need to use great quality drivers and make the speakers a solidly as possible. Weight
saving or downsizing should not be the determining factors when designing but they often are. This
may sound simple, and it is, it is how speakers used to be made before mass production and
accountants got in the way. The key to a great speaker is that the only thing you want moving is the
driver – the box really should not move. The on-going technical R & D to improve sound quality is
largely to counteract the fact that most speaker boxes today are lightweight primarily due to factory
manufacturing requirements. This is not a problem when hand-making speakers from wood.
First, I decided to try my hand at small bookcase speakers……….
I calculated the design parameters methodically following long- established principles and then
made mock-up boxes to test the sound quality before any speakers are made for real.


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