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Beautiful noise!


I really believe that music is an essential element for any living space but so often the equipment needed is unattractive at best and downright ugly at worst. Plastic speaker boxes really add very little to a room, but a beautiful hand-crafted speaker box or a piece of speaker furniture can truly enhance the space. More and more people are rejecting the blandness of mass production, choosing to instead to invest in craftmanship and personality, anyone who has ever searched for this in the speaker market knows that it is very hard to come by unless it has a six-figure price tag attached.

I graduated 30 years ago from the John Makepeace school for craftsmen in wood and so the making of beautiful boxes and furniture is second nature to me, but when I began this journey, I was very aware that luxury speakers need to sound nothing less than great. It became my mission to study the rules of physics behind speaker design and eventually with this knowledge and through ensuring I use only the best technical components; I can now guarantee that great sound quality to go with the luxury look.

If you look for the Bog Oak Speakers and the Pico Bello Speaker range you can see some examples of the craftmanship and read the independent expert reviews of the sound. The Pico Bello speakers are currently the rewards to find backers for the development four new unique models in my Kickstarter Campaign.

Speaker Art

These four new models are truly what I would regard as Speaker Art, of course they will sound wonderful but more than that they will also look fantastic, they will have built in amplification to remove some of the inevitable Hi-Fi clutter, and they will be completely unique in their design – a one-off in wood to admire and treasure.

I have further developed my passion for sound and cabinet making in my range of what I am calling “Speaker Furniture”, here the speakers are indeed disguised but not in an ugly black plastic box, but in a beautiful piece of furniture reminiscent of a 1940s record and radio cabinet with a clean modern take and of course amazing sound.

My cabinetmaker experience allows me to produce luxury finishes that even the high-end branded speaker manufacturers cannot match for the price. These manufacturers must multiply their costs 6 or 7 times in order to support their marketing outlay and distribution chain and even then, their product is never entirely hand made to the standard of my speakers.

Value for money

Spending tens of thousands of euros on speakers is not an unusual phenomenon for a true audiophile, but unless they have a dedicated listening room then they will often struggle to get their partner to agree to the outlay on such often ugly items to be placed in a communal room (this is known as PAF – Partner Acceptance Factor). My Speaker Art and  Speaker Furniture can in many instances solve this problem as it has a very high PAF Factor.

I believe that our personal space is becoming more and more precious particularly during these times when we are often forced to stay put. Let’s listen to our music using lovely speakers, pieces of art we can love even during those times when they are silent.

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