Hello, I’m Lennart.

I am furniture designer and audiophile and I have long wanted to design speakers that would not only sound great but would  look beautiful as well.

I trained as a furniture designer and cabinet maker at the John Makepeace School for craftsmen in wood when I left school and have been making all sorts of things ever since. Over the last 30 years or so I have been quietly gathering knowledge about speaker design and when Covid hit the time came to put the dream into action.

Pico Bellos, Bog oak and Lennart
Pico Bellos, Bog oak and Lennart

Old school

So often I noticed visual design very much taking a secondary role when it comes to speakers. Economics has become more and more important for manufacturers and so we have seen a decline in the average size and weight of speakers. Smaller drivers doubled up to try and get the same air movement as larger drivers but in a smaller box. MDF and even chipboard being used for carcasses.

Clever technologies have partially compensated for this decline but physics remains physics and to my ear nothing sounds better than a correctly sized, well built speaker. Now if we can make that box add a positive visual contribution to our living environment then I think we are really on to a winner.


The fundamentals to good speaker design are great drivers correctly managed and a very solid right sized case (dimensions determined by physics) and once you have this, then they can become art that sounds amazing.

Technology regarding electronic cross-overs and class D amplification is class leading and can now be implemented using digital filters which saves a lot of time and complexity in comparison to analogue filters. This means that my 2 and 3 way speakers will have amplification built in – not a bad way to go as most studio speakers are built this way. If someone wants an analogue crossover I am happy to do so but be prepared for the time delay and extra cost.

I have designed a number of speakers that i hope to develop which should illustrate where I hope to go with my designs – please have a look here and here.


Good design of course should also include the selection of the best materials and I aim to predominantly use drivers from these two companies Seas and Scanspeak. Plywood is top grade Finnish birch ply – the best stuff to use for speakers and all solid wood is meticulously sourced by myself and only of European origin to help save the Earth’s rare resources.

Best wishes