custom speakers

Beautiful noise!

Custom speakers designed and made out of wood

Selected by the staff of Kickstarter as ” A project we love”

As a cabinet-maker and audiophile for the last 30 years I decided to try and make what I was never able to find; well designed, beautifully crafted, great sounding wooden speakers.

I have put the same amount of love and skill into the construct of my cabinets as would go into another piece of my furniture that might take up valuable space in your room. Not only do these speakers look beautiful (I hope you agree) but they really sound amazing too.

Bog oak baffle speaker
Bog oak baffle

The large Bog Wood speakers, one of which is pictured above, are an example of what is possible for a custom-made speaker, these are large full range driver speakers. Bog Wood is a truly gorgeous wood that is both rare and environmentally sound, you can read more about it here .

I make my speakers to order and every custom pair is guaranteed to be unique.

Home theatre unit with built in speakers and subwoofers

If you have an idea for something you don’t see on these pages please let me know as I am always interested in developing new ideas.

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